Shop Introduction

The adaptable and developing eco-system of the African Savanna served as design inspiration. The concept's geometric and modular design allows for the flexibility and adaptability of all fixtures and furniture. This provides the opportunity to change the layout of the store seasonally and provide a new presentation of brands.

An inviting and luxurious facade where the street meets the Savanna draws the consumer in and encourages interaction with a large faceted tree that serves as a fantastic extension of the store's interior. Customers can sit here, relax, and gaze into the wonderment of what awaits them.

The faceted materials and geometric shapes continue into the store, where you first encounter one of the many 3D animal characters that populate 'Savanna' All of the characters in the store, like the animals of the African Savanna, are required to create a dynamic environment to explore. The 3D animals add color and visual breaks to the store layout, and they are fully interactive.

The central geodesic dome is the main attraction of the 'Savanna' store concept, which is distinguished by interaction. Its safari tent-like structure and large faceted acacia tree, designed to resemble the African Savanna, add impact and theatre, drawing customers through the store.

Traditional games built into the interior, as well as an interactive floor projection with hundreds of games. Exterior elements are used as a visual merchandising tool. The central geodesic Dome provides a one-of-a-kind social experience that will engage and excite customers, creating a memorable experience that will entice them to return.

Because the target consumer prefers high-end international fashion, the fixtures and furniture design allows for a clear definition of each brand. The luxury gloss white and gold materials allow for a straightforward presentation of the product, while the modularity complements the geometric design.

A bright and spacious fitting room hosted by another 3D animal character extends the store and adds another level of interactivity.

This one-of-a-kind consumer journey concludes with a trip to the cash register. It carries on the theme of fun and interactivity by being designed to look like a playful elephant emerging from a waterfall. With so much to keep the senses occupied in the Savanna store, the large and brightly colored elephant and the glass cubes echoing falling water make it easy to navigate to your final purchase.


A Littile About Us

SAVANNA is an online boutique that offers a hand-curated selection of children's fashion for infants to children aged 1 to 18 years. We feature well-known designers from around the world, as well as some lesser-known, up-and-coming designers whose styles and creativity we know you'll find fresh and exciting! Our diverse selections have been carefully curated, allowing you to pick and choose from a diverse array of designs, styles, and colours—all to provide your child with outfit combinations that reflect their unique personality and are appropriate for the occasion(s) you have in mind when making the purchase.


Our clothing is unique, fun, and wearable, and we are confident that there is something for everyone! We are always on the lookout for the most recent and significant trends in children's apparel so that each season brings forth unique styles and colour palettes that will capture your imagination and inspire your children.


We aim to please everyone by providing the most recent, unique, and up-to-date children's fashion.


We are a customer-oriented company, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Furthermore, we strive to make your online shopping experience both seamless and enjoyable.


We welcome all feedback (both positive and negative) and invite you to contact us directly at to discuss your shopping experience.

Happy Shopping!!


We look forward to assisting you in creating and styling your child's wardrobe.


How We Differ From Other Online Children’s Boutiques

As life is always busy, we understand how hectic your lives are and how precious your time is. As a result, we strive to provide a streamlined shopping experience that is both simple and enjoyable.


Each child is an individual with their own set of likes and dislikes, and their personal style should reflect this. We want your child to love the outfit you chose so you don't have to deal with the hassle of returns and exchanges.


We have integrated a 24/7 Live Chat or our chat on WhatsApp feature into our platform to provide you with a more personalized approach to your online shopping experience. Our Live Chat team can help you with the outfit, pairing suggestions as well as size/fit information.


If you are interested in an item that does not have a size chart and is unsure of your child's size, we can also provide accurate garment dimensions. Customers are always welcome in our showroom or our online website,

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