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SAVANNA New Junior Girls
SAVANNA Girls New Collection
New Collection


SAVANNA New Junior Girls
SAVANNA New Junior Girls
New Collection

Junior Girls

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New Collection

Our new line has signature prints and textures with natural, lightweight fabrics to keep you cool.



A quality line of apparel, shoes, and accessories for boys and girls of all ages, this Parisian company emphasizes nature, color, and variety. It is a joyful, young exploration of color, print, and style that combines Asian and Japanese elements with European high fashion construction.

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Adding another feather to his well-decorated hat, the collection is packed with bright colourBrights, tongue-in-cheek motifs and nods to the Marc Jacobs archives. Let the fun begin! Explore self-expression and individuality at its best, encouraging kids to be brave, bold and loud with their outfit choices. bright colors