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Gift Voucher Cards

Last updated 14th Jun 2024 - 04:45 PM AST - Kuwait.
What is the Policy?

Terms and conditions applied:

- Our gift cards are sold with our authorization.

- Collectable gift cards with no redemption value, as long as the listing specifies no monetary amount on the card.

- The total face value of gift card listings at any given time must be 5 KD or above.

- The gift card must be on hand at the time of the listing and must be used once issued on the date the card is sold.

- We have not approved third-party retailers or service providers that can sell electronically delivered gift cards on our site.

We Are Not Allowed To:

The following types of gift cards aren't allowed:

- Electronically delivered gift cards (from non-approved third-party retailers).

- Prepaid credit cards (or money cards) from American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa.Store or merchandise credit in the form of a receipt.

- We have not returned it as cash, as this credit is considered electronic.

- Unexpected use under any conditions and not following our policy will be consideration of your gift cards as disabled.

- We are not accepting booking fees, where those fees are the same, or substantially the same, as fees or charges for making a booking using a payment method other than a gift card.

- Our gift cards are not for exchanging currencies; its issued by Kuwaiti Dinars Only.

- We are not related to the reissue of a gift card that has been lost, stolen or damaged.

Gift card expirations:

- There is no expiration for gift cards; you can use them at any time for any purchase.

- Our gift cards have been issued from us; the cards must be redeemable for at least Five years after the date of purchase.

- Some penalties apply for breaching the rules for gift cards.

More information:

- Redeemable at SAVANNA for goods and services not exceeding the remaining credit balance on this card. Valid for one (5) years from the date of issue. Treat this card as cash; it will not be replaced if it is lost. For gift card balance, terms and expiration date, present this card at our online store.

- This card is the property of the issuer.

- Your use of this gift card constitutes acceptance of these terms: This gift card may be applied to any purchase made at our online store.

- This gift card is not exchangeable for cash or replaced if lost or stolen. After five years of non-use, that will be disabled free of charge.

- This card is good at all our online stores; locations display the <SAVANNA Gift Voucher Cards> symbol.

- Treat this card as cash; it will not be replaced if it is lost. This card is subject to the terms of our agreement.

- This Gift Card may be applied to the cost of any item in our online store only.

How can i purchase a gift card?

- Physical Gift Card (redeemable in the online store only), you can ask for our assistance; we will be happy to an asset you any time.

- It can be a gift card issued by us if you don't want to wait for the refund process, which takes 6 to 10 working days, and the amount we should be refunded will be your gift card balance.

- A virtual gift card online can be purchased, choose the amount you would like to give, and it will be emailed to you from us one and easy you can print it out, or we can deliver it to your doorstep, or you can ask for the assistance.

How Can I Check My Balance?

- Physical gift card can you use the balance checker found? You can contact us to check it for you.

- Virtual gift cards will see the balance at checkout.

How can I redeem my gift card?

Both physical and virtual gift cards can be redeemed in our online store only. 

In- Online store

You can inform us about the physical Gift Card or virtual Gift Card number/email to any sales associate during checkout. 


Select gift card as a form of payment on the payment page during checkout. Enter the 16 digit number found on the back of the physical gift card or within the virtual gift card email.

More uses :

If the value of your order is greater than the value of your Gift Card, we will require a credit card to charge the balance of the order. The Gift Card keeps track of the balance, so you can use it on as many purchases, until the Gift Card balance is 0 KD. You can also use multiple Gift Cards at checkout. 

Can I return merchandise purchased with a gift card?

Yes! You can return any merchandise purchased with a gift card, in- Online store or online. 


Gift Cards are non-transferable, non-refundable and not redeemable for cash. Gift Cards can be replaced if lost or stolen if the original receipt is obtained and can be verified; however, they should be treated as cash. Coupons and discounts cannot be applied to purchasing a Gift Card. Gift Cards cannot be used to buy non-merchandise items (i.e. Another Gift Card). Gift Cards cannot be used for international orders. Please get in touch with our Customer Service team if you have additional questions about SAVANNA Gift Cards.

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