Behind the scene

SAVANNA is a part of Al Sawani International Co., founded in 2008 in Kuwait, is a family-owned clothing and accessories company, and much more. We've grown from a single fast fashion store to a thriving, globally recognized chain carrying well-known luxury and fast fashion brands. Today, the company operates more than 15 brands with approximately 40 stores in various sectors, providing consumers with the most prominent names in Fashion, Accessories, and Footwear for men, women, teenagers, and children, and our products are sold in brand stores throughout the Middle East.

Our Story

In 2015 and was a pioneer in online shopping in the region as an auction site. We connect people and products – opening up a world of possibility. From Gift sets to luxurious brands with kids' fashion needs, we give you access to everything you need and want. Our range is unparalleled, and our prices unbeatable.

Our Start

We start our store to be Interaction, which makes ‘Savanna’ such a distinctive store concept, and the central geodesic dome is the main attraction.
Built to mirror the African Savanna, its safari tent-like structure and large faceted acacia tree adds impact and theatre, drawing customers through the store.
This unique consumer journey ends with a visit to the cash desk. Designed to reflect a playful elephant emerging from a waterfall, it carries on the theme of fun and interactivity.
With so much to occupy the senses in the Savanna store, the large and brightly colored elephant and the glass cubes echoing falling water ensures it is easy to navigate to your final purchase.

Our Approach

Targeting consumer has a taste for high-end International fashion. Therefore the design of the fixtures and furniture enables a clear definition of each brand.
The luxury gloss white and gold materials allow for the simple presentation of the product, whilst the modularity is in keeping with the geometric design.
A bright and spacious fitting room hosted by another 3D animal character further extends the store and provides another level of interactivity.

Our End

We achieved to be in the online market with the largest e-commerce website in the Middle East's online marketplace for luxuries brands of kid's fashion. It has more than (10,000) products from various categories, including Dresses, T-Shirts, Shoes, Accessories, Gift Sets, etc. For Boys and Girls of Juniors and babies.
Today we attract more than 20,000 visitors a month and is growing very fast because of the increasing number of online shoppers worldwide. With us, You'll always be getting a good deal – with exceptional service that makes your shopping experience as easy and seamless as possible. Our motto may have evolved over the years, but our priority has not changed.
Driven by intelligent technology, everything we do is designed to put the power directly in your hands – giving you the freedom to shop, however, whenever and wherever you like. Millions trust us because we don't just deliver to your doorstep; we were born here.
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