Children's Design and We Do Children's 

Make your child feel like they are a part of the design process in every project phase. When brainstorming together, physically get down on their level. We sit with them in their tiny chairs or kneel and give them our full attention. We repeat their ideas back to them by saying something like, "You want a white T-shirt with blue pants?" That validates their ideas and helps us get all the details correct.

After hearing their ideas, involve kids in the following steps too. You can find smaller tasks for them to do that can help the renovation in significant ways. For example, if they aren't old enough to get dressed, let them choose whatever they want. That way, they feel like they are doing something meaningful for themselves.



Heavy on the Charm!

We are giving all attention to design feeds a child's imagination with solid colours, fun prints, exciting shapes, and bold combinations.
At SAVANNA, we are completely crazy about prints because we appreciate that they help give character to even the little personalities. An impression is something any child can relate to and easily fall in love with, which is why prints are vital to Savanna's collections.

Our style is urban with funky, colourful designs that often have a humorous twist or are just quirky enough to get noticed- but never at the price of function and quality.


Our design is a mix of fun, witty details and a cleaner look. The clothes provide the necessary functional details that every child needs, and they stand up to even the most active kid's life, wash after wash.

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