Children First

SAVANNA, always our passion and goals in life have to deal with fashion. Suppose we could be anything in this world; we would love to be a branded collection of designers of some sort or at least be in the industry.


When it comes to clothing and style, it just comes easy, one of the easiest things I’m good at. Fashion is an art form. It allows us to express our style view any way we choose. And to us, we feel like nobody has the right to judge that. The style hasn’t always come easy to be, though it takes time and practice just like everything else. It’s still a work in progress. When we look back to the ages of year, we wonder sincerely about our choices.


SAVANNA isn’t a big design factory that treats children’s clothing as a secondary line. For us, kids come first, and our clothing reflects this passion.

MSGM, Pinko, Alberta Ferretti, Fay Junior, Emilio Pucci, Balmain, Huckel Bones, Hackett, Philosophy, Stella McCartney, iLgufo, Mummy Moon Simonetta, Middle Daughter, Sunuva and soon N21, Marni, North Sails and Caf and more are only an example of the brands you can find. All of them are well-known firms and, many of them, are on Petit and small must list.

The gorgeous clothes, shoes, and accessories are available at SAVANNA.

What a fantastic choice for all our little ones!

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