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Kids’ Fashion - We Are Ready for Winter, Spring & Summer!

We're looking forward to winter, spring, and summer because of the new kids' fashion. Bright colours, cool cuts, and light, airy materials herald the arrival of summer. We know what children (and their mothers) want. This is why we carry great girls and boys fashion in a variety of sizes ranging from one-month-old toddlers to 18-year-old teenagers, as well as baby clothes in sizes ranging from one month to two years.
We place a high value on children's clothing that is appealing to both adults and children. While girls prefer sophisticated details like flounces, prints, bows, and lots of sequins, and their favourite jeans are usually skinny fit; boys prefer cool statement prints, slogans, and an extra sloppy look for jeans and sweatshirts. Baby fashion, on the other hand, can be attractive but must be functional above all. Unbuttonable shoulder sections on bodysuits and jumpers, for example, make changing clothes a breeze. Baby clothes that are too small rub against the sensitive baby skin, whereas bodysuits and shirts that are too large are not directly touching the skin and can easily make the child feel cold.
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Skin-Friendly Materials, High-Quality Workmanship

However, there are several factors to consider when it comes to children's clothing: Because children's skin is sensitive, children's fashion must be made of breathable and skin-friendly fabrics. Even an infant would scream at its parents if the clothes were scratchy. The materials must be free of all potentially harmful substances and skin-irritating additives. High-quality, safe processing is essential in baby fashion. Furthermore, because children's clothing is subject to a variety of stresses, it should be exceptionally durable: Wild activities and frequent washing are not supposed to impact children's fashion; it should look brand new after the umpteenth wash. The material must still be comfortable on the skin for all robustness and durability - from the romper to the relaxed jeans. This is why we prefer cotton, sometimes in combination with elastic fibers, because girls' and boys' clothing should never be constructive and should always allow for maximum freedom of movement. Take your time browsing our collection and discovering our fantastic, large selection of kids' fashion.
Kids have high expectations for their outfits, whether a little princess or a stylish young lady, a tiny rascal or a brilliant skater. The older they get, the more specific they become about what they want to wear - and don't! Girls as young as three years old can drive their mothers insane by insisting on wearing their favourite dress over and over again. To bring our lengthy discussions to a close, we have included the most beautiful girls' fashion in our program. Little boys aren't left out either; their outfits must be super casual, super relaxed, and allow plenty of movement for romping around. We have, of course, foresee the future and are offering you great boys' fashion that your son will adore. Mums are in the wrong hands in terms of style consultation once their children reach the age of adolescence. However, we can assure you that even the most demanding teenagers are safe at SAVANNA. Great fashion pieces or essential fashion basics - you'll find everything you're looking for in kids' fashion!
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Our goal at SAVANNA has always been to dress children in beautiful clothing since the company's inception. With this passion, we've grown to be the largest online retailer of designer children's wear in the Middle East, while maintaining the same friendly customer service we provided in our shop all those years ago when we were selling beautiful luxuries for girls and boys in Kuwait.

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